On Giving

A few months ago I received a note from Mitch Albom, writing from the Philippines. Having traveled to the Philippines in 2011, I was familiar with its landscape and its people; I knew, for instance, that Filipino men and women are among the most literate in the world—they devour books. As Mitch wrote, this is still true today. In the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan, however, the physical landscape has shifted: coastlines have literally changed, entire towns destroyed. And, for many, books are less accessible.

 It takes many, many years after a major catastrophe to rebuild the infrastructure, economy, and spirits of the impacted region, and even then, many things never fully recover. In the Philippines, there is still much work to be done—physical and psychological, as Mitch wrote in his note. No doubt this is why he launched his important initiative, D.R.Y. Libraries. The goal is simple: get more books into the hands of the Filipino youth that loves them. It is gesture of emotional support and an important reinforcement of the nation’s dedication to literature. I urge you to support either this great initiative, or another charitable organization working to make a difference in the recovery efforts in the Philippines. You can find out how to donate to D.R.Y. Libraries here: http://mitchalbomcharities.org/hole-in-the-roof/dry