Two by Two Lyric Video

A lyric video for "Two By Two" is in the works and you have a chance to be in it by sharing a photo or video of yourself with someone you love who helps you get through something “two by two.” It can be a parent, child, sibling, significant other, friend, pet – all are welcome! 

From now until November 13, send your Hi-Res "Two By Two" photo or video clip to [email protected] for a chance to be included in the video. We look forward to celebrating family and friendship and hope you'll consider being part of the project.  (We will do our best to include all submissions but reserve the right to exclude any visual based on content or quality.)

I hope you enjoy the book and the music!

My 20th book Two by Two is now on sale, and I can’t wait for you to meet Russell, London, Marge, and the rest of the characters. I’m also looking forward to introducing you to the amazing singer/songwriter JD Eicher who wrote the original song "Two by Two," inspired by the novel. He will be doing live performances of the Two by Two book soundtrackat FOUR events on my upcoming book tour starting at Barnes & Noble Union Square on October 4th. I invite you to check out our recent video interview, where JD and I talk about the difference in writing songs instead of writing books, our inspiration for writing each, and how we both feel we should stick to our respective careers. Thanks so much for supporting me all these years and I hope you enjoy the book and the music.


P.S. I also wanted to let you know about two special editions of Two by Two that are available. The Barnes and Noble special edition features exclusive personal reflections on each book from my entire 20 year career, and Target has a special edition with a color poster featuring the original covers of all my novels.

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